Clearing the Deck - NFL Week 4

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Clearing the Deck for NFL Week 4...

* The fourth quarter luck runs out in Houston as Matt Schaub throws away a win to the Seahawks.

* Give it to the Bills, they've at least made themselves exciting again.

* Ditto to the Browns and QB Brian Hoyer, now winners of two in a row. Say goodbye Brandon Weedon.

* Reggie Bush continues to flourish in Detroit!

* Are the Colts the best team in the AFC, next to the 4-0 Chiefs?

*  There's no doubt the Jags are the worst!

* Don't make any long term plans in Tampa Greg Schiano.  Tampa's now 0-4 after a bad home loss to the Cardinals.

* The same can be said about the Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley after Pittsburgh's loss in London to the Vikings.

* What can you say about Peyton Manning that hasn't already been said? 4 more td's for the future Hall of Famer.

* The Chargers are two plays away from being 4-0.  Think about that!

* It may have seemed like a small victory for RG III in Oakland Sunday, but it just may have saved the Redskins season.

* Yes Nashville, the Titans are for real.