NFL Picks - Week 7


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Seahawks at Cardinals (Thursday 8:25pm)

Trap game for Seattle as they start a two-game road trip through Arizona and St.Louis?
Winner: Seahawks

Patriots at Jets (Sunday 1pm)

Is there anyone left to play for the Patriots? No Wilfork, Mayo. Maybe no Amendola, Talib, Kelly...etc.  But, will it matter?
Winner: Patriots

Bills at Dolphins (Sunday 1pm)

It's only week 7, but a must win game for the Dolphins if they're to remain playoff contenders in the AFC.
Winner: Dolphins

Buccaneers at Falcons (Sunday 1pm)

Label this one the Disappointment Bowl.
Winner: Falcons

Bears at Redskins (Sunday 1pm)

Wouldn't Jay Cutler just love to stick another "L" next to Mike Shanahan's name this week?
Winner: Bears

Cowboys at Eagles (Sunday 1pm)

Sadly enough, this is a battle for the top spot in the NFC East even though neither team is over .500.
Winner: Eagles

Chargers at Jaguars (Sunday 1pm)

This is San Diego's third trip cross country in just six weeks.
Winner: Chargers

Rams at Panthers (Sunday 1pm)

Will the real Rams and Panthers please stand up? Who saw St.Louis routing the Texans in Houston? Or who saw a 4 TD week from Cam Newton on the road in Minnesota?
Winner: Panthers

Bengals at Lions (Sunday 1pm)

Both teams are 4-2, but you just get the sense that the Bengals continue to be underachievers.  
Winner: Lions

49ers at Titans (Sunday 4pm)

You'd like to see this matchup in about four weeks when Titans QB Jake Locker returns from injury.  UPDATE: Titans announce that Locker will surprisingly start Sunday.
Winner: 49ers

Texans at Chiefs (Sunday 4:25pm)

Talk about the ultimate two teams going in different directions! Step for Houston: try to end their five game streak of giving up pick-6's.
Winner: Chiefs

Ravens at Steelers (Sunday 4:25pm)

This used to be a marquee matchup.
Winner: Steelers

Browns at Packers (Sunday 4:25pm)

Green Bay's defense surprisingly got better without Clay Matthews last week in Baltimore. Anamoly or the real deal?
Winner: Packers

Broncos at Colts (Sunday 8:30pm)

A return to Peyton's Place for Manning.  Don't let the homecoming fool you.  Manning will be all gameface by 8:30pm.
Winner: Broncos

Vikings at Giants (Sunday 8:40pm)

Josh Freeman gets his first start at QB for Minnesota.
Winner: Giants

Last week: 12-3
Season: 64-28