Clearing the Deck - NFL Week 8


Clearing the deck for week 8 of the NFL season...

* Have a day Megatron! 329 yards for Calvin Johnson and a last second win over the Cowboys may have pushed Detroit back into NFC Contention.

* And speaking of dramatic, how about the Patriots turning a 17-3 halftime deficit into a 27-17 win. Turning point of the season? Could be.

* Maybe the Jaguars should just stay in London after their embarrassing rout to the 49ers.

* Hard to believe, but the 2-6 Giants are now only two games out of first place in the NFC East. How fitting is that they do it on 5 FG's and 0 TD's.

* The Chiefs continue to do just enough to beat who's on their schedule each week.  Now, the true tests begin with two games with both Denver and San Diego ahead.

* Now having said that, Peyton Manning is proving human, having to rally the Broncos from a 21-7 deficit to win Sunday in Denver.

* The Saints, now disciplined under Sean Payton, are for real folks. Plus, it helps when Drew Brees throws for 5 TD's.

* Give the Bengals credit, the Jets game was probably one they would lose in the past.  Domination comes to mind this time around though.

* Falcons 2013 - thy name is disappointment.

* Steelers 2013 - see Falcons.