Super Bowl XLVIII Picks


So, finally it is here.  Super Bowl XLVIII in NY/NJ and there is no February Blizzard of 2014.  It's just the top two teams in football with the Broncos taking on the Seahawks.

The best offense in the history of the game faces the best defense in the NFL this season.  The old pro, Peyton Manning, takes on Mr. Cool, 2nd year QB Russell Wilson.  The Beast, Marshawn Lynch battles Knowshon Moreno.  And the mouth that roared, Richard Sherman takes on the wily vet Champ Bailey in both their first Super Bowl experience.

Since weather will not be an extreme factor, you'd expect Manning to be at his best.  So, will Seattle's "we'll play what we'll play" defense be able to shut down #18 enough to keep the Seahawks in the game.  Remember, even despite 500+ yards of offense against the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game, Denver only managed 26 points with some red zone trip ups.

The feeling here is that the Seahawks won't give up on the running game quite as early as New England did (just 16 carries).  So, that should limit the amount of times Wilson will have to come up with the big play, something #3 did quite well against the 49ers in the NFC Championship Game.

Outside of the obvious, who do you look for on each side of the offensive ball?  

For the Broncos, it's the TE's - Julius Thomas and Jacob Tamme.  With Sherman and Earl Thomas set to take out Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker and Wes Welker, those two could be open in key spots.

For the Seahawks, it's WR Doug Baldwin.  He was a beast not only catching the ball but also in the return game.  Add to that, can Golden Tate hang on to the ball in THE key spot?  Maybe he could ask Welker about that one (sorry Pats fans!).

In the end, it's a great game coming down to the last possession.  But they will reign supreme in Seattle with Pete Carroll's first Super Bowl Championship.

Seahawks 27
Broncos 21