Winter Storm Watch Issued

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A Winter Storm Watch has been issued for Newport County (RI) and Bristol County (MA).  Blizzard Watch has been issued for the Cape.  It's all for a powerful storm headed to Southern New England Tuesday night into Wednesday.   4-7" of inches are expected in those areas with lesser amounts around most of RI.  Roughly 1-3" are expected in the Providence area.   A slight chance in track could change snow amounts, so stay tuned all day Tuesday for the updated information.


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Here's what we wrote last week on this storm:

Even though Spring has sprung here in Southern New England, the National Weather Service has issued a warning in its extended forecast discussion for next week that snow, possibly a lot, could be in our future.  From that warning, comes this nugget: 


According to the NWS:

"The east-coast cyclone has the potential to produce late-season heavy snowfall over a wide swath of real estate from Virginia to New England; that is a generality at this point. Much remains in terms of refining the forecast state by state. Another high-impact factor will be the powerful winds generated by this sprawling, intense circulation, along with high seas, beach battery, coastal flooding, and so forth. Again, at this point, such sensible weather effects are simply attendant to the potential of such a storm."

Stay tuned!