Should the NBA shed conferences for playoffs

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It's playoff time in the NBA!  So, here's a question - should the NBA drop conferences for the playoffs and just let the top 16 teams make it?  No more East, no more West, just one big NBA.  Take a look at how it would be (sorry Atlanta!), including a tasty LA Clippers vs. Brooklyn matchup in round one!  It could be the Doc Rivers Reunion Invitational against Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce!

If there was no East and West...

1. San Antonio
2. OKC
3. LA Clippers
4. Miami
5. Indiana
6. Houston
7. Portland
8. Golden State
9. Dallas
10. Phoenix
11. Memphis
12. Toronto
13. Chicago
14. Brooklyn
15. Charlotte
16. Washington

San Antonio vs. Washington
OKC vs. Charlotte
LA Clippers vs. Brooklyn
Miami vs. Chicago
Indiana vs. Toronto
Houston vs. Memphis
Portland vs. Phoenix
Golden State vs. Dallas

Here's how the current pairings would look like...

Indiana vs. Atlanta
Miami vs. Washington
Toronto vs. Charlotte
Chicago vs. Brooklyn

San Antonio vs. Phoenix
OKC vs. Dallas
LA Clippers vs. Golden State
Houston vs. Portland