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Pam Anderson says she was sexually abused as a child (CW28)
Country singer Randy Houser is getting divorced (CW28)
Brad Pitt throws his "neighbor" Matthew McConaughey a beer.  Watch it here (People)
Jessica Simpson says her wedding will not be small (US Magazine)
Miranda Lambert shows off her new body at the Billboard Music Awards (Yahoo)
Find out what went into the Michael Jackson hologram at the BMA's Sunday night (Billboard)
Happy Birthday to...

Kevin Garnett - 38
Sean Paul - 50
Grace Jones - 66
Mario Chalmers - 28
Sam Smith - 22
Pete Townshend - 69
Archie Manning - 65
Jordan Pruitt - 23
George St-Pierre - 33
Lily Cole - 26
Dario Franchitti - 41