NFL Week 3 Picks

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Buccaneers at Falcons (Thursday 8:30pm)
Things should be a bit easier for Falcons after facing the Saints and Bengals to start the season. The Bucs, no without Doug Martin, have lost to two backup QB's at home.
Winner: Falcons

Raiders at Patriots (Sunday 1pm)

The Raiders look more lost than the Patriots looked in the second half in Miami week 1. Time to get that offense fixed Tom Brady!
Winner: Patriots

Chargers at Bills (Sunday 1pm)

How good to Phillip Rivers look against the Seahawks last week? We should know if the Bills are for real after this one.
Winner: Chargers

Cowboys at Rams (Sunday 1pm)

Raise your hand if you can figure out either of these two teams after two weeks.
Winner: Cowboys

Redskins at Eagles (Sunday 1pm)

No RG3, no problem for Redskins. Kirk Cousins will do just fine, but can they keep up with the Eagles who are just crushing in the 2nd half.
Winner: Eagles

Texans at Giants (Sunday 1pm)

Simply put, neither team is as good or bad as they've shown so far this season.  This is the definition of trap game.
Winner: Giants

Vikings at Saints (Sunday 1pm)

The Vikings (sans Adrian Peterson) are just what the doctor ordered for the 0-2 Saints.
Winner: Saints

Titans at Bengals (Sunday 1pm)

How disappointing were the Titans in a 26-10 home loss to Dallas? Bengals keep rollin' rollin' rollin'!
Winner: Bengals

Ravens at Browns (Sunday 1pm)

Quite possibly, the toughest pick of the week.
Winner: Browns

Packers at Lions (Sunday 1pm)

After facing the Seahawks and Jets front lines in the first two weeks, this will seem like summer vacation for Aaron Rodgers.
Winner: Packers

Colts at Jaguars (Sunday 1pm)

Must win for both.  OK, really just for the Colts since we know Jaguars are playing for 2015.
Winner: Colts

49ers at Cardinals (Sunday 4pm)

If Carson Palmer plays, it might be different, but it doesn't look that way.
Winner: 49ers

Broncos at Seahawks (Sunday 4:25pm)

Tough spot for the Broncos. Super Bowl rematch (a game they lost by 35 points) in hostile territory after the Hawks lost in San Diego last week.  
Winner: Seahawks

Chiefs at Dolphins (Sunday 4:25pm)

The freefall continues for the Chiefs.
Winner: Dolphins

Steelers at Panthers (Sunday 8:30pm)

Can the aging Steelers keep Cam Newton in check?
Winner: Panthers

Bears at Jets (Sunday 8:30pm)

Primetime spot #2 after a huge comeback for the Bears in SF last Sunday night.  It won't be easy, but the Jets shouldn't have the firepower to keep up.
Winner: Bears

Last week: 6-9
Season: 17-14