NFL Picks - Week 9

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Saints at Panthers (Thursday 8:25pm)
Amazing that the team that wins here takes over the lead in the NFC South - at .500!
Winner: Saints

Jaguars at Bengals (Sunday 1pm)

Maybe the Jags are the remedy for what ails the Bengals these days.
Winner: Bengals

Bucs at Browns (Sunday 1pm)

The road back continues for Cleveland.
Winner: Browns

Cardinals at Cowboys (Sunday 1pm)

The huge wildcard is will QB Tony Romo play or not (back). If not, the Boys could suffer back-to-back home losses.
Winner: Cowboys (if Romo plays) / Cardinals (if Romo doesn't)

Eagles at Texans (Sunday 1pm)

Can the Texans score enough points to keep up? Not liking their chances there.
Winner: Eagles

Jets at Chiefs (Sunday 1pm)

Tough spot for Michael Vick to regain his starting job.
Winner: Chiefs

Chargers at Dolphins (Sunday 1pm)

Suddenly, the Bolts look beatable after two straight divisional losses (KC, Denver).  Time to change that.
Winner: Chargers

Redskins at Vikings (Sunday 1pm)

To RG III or not to RG III.  This is the question for Washington.
Winner: Redskins

Rams at 49ers (Sunday 4pm)

Can't see the Niners, coming off the bye, letting this chance slip by to maintain pace in the NFC West.
Winner: 49ers

Broncos at Patriots (Sunday 4:25pm)

Brady vs. Manning 16! Home team has won 10 of 15, so Pats find a way in this one.
Winner: Patriots

Raiders at Seahawks (Sunday 4:25pm)

The road to win number one continues and it won't have a pitstop this week.
Winner: Seahawks

Ravens at Steelers (Sunday 8:30pm)

Can't see anyway Big Ben and the boys put up 51 again this week, but they'll score enough.
Winner: Steelers

Colts at Giants (Monday 8:30pm)

Homecoming for RB Ahmad Bradshaw and WR Hakeem Nicks, plus the Colts are still smarting from the 51 the Steelers pasted on them last Sunday.
Winner: Colts

Last week: 11-4
Season: 80-39-1