NFL Picks - Week 11

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Bills at Dolphins (Thursday 8:25pm)
Winner stays alive, loser is out of the AFC Playoffs.  These are the games the Dolphins usually lose.
Winner: Dolphins

Falcons at Panthers (Sunday 1pm)

As hard as it is to believe, the winner here keeps a good shot at the NFC South Title. Yikes! Cam Newton says he's hurt. We're hurt by watching him lately.
Winner: Falcons

Vikings at Bears (Sunday 1pm)

Can it get any worse for the Bears?
Winner: Bears

Texans at Browns (Sunday 1pm)

Call this one Brady Back-up I - Mallett vs. Hoyer.  Yes, the Browns control their own destiny, as hard as that is to believe.
Winner: Browns

Seahawks at chiefs (Sunday 1pm)

One of the tougher games to call this weekend. KC has rolled at home (minus Week 1), but Seattle seems to gotten its schwag back.
Winner: Chiefs

Bengals at Saints (Sunday 1pm)

Brees vs. Dalton.  Who are you takin - seriously!
Winner: Saints

49ers at Giants (Sunday 1pm)

SF saved their season with Colin Kaepernick's Hail Mary 4th and 10 prayer that was answered by Michael Crabtree last Sunday in New Orleans.
Winner: 49ers

Broncos at Rams (Sunday 1pm)

I"m sure Shaun Hill is thrilled he gets his starting QB job back the same week Denver comes to town!
Winner: Broncos

Bucs at Redskins (Sunday 1pm)

If you have to watch this game, the NFL should apologize to you.
Winner: Redskins

Raiders at Chargers (Sunday 4pm)

The Chargers desperately needed the bye week to forget about a 3 game losing streak and a 37-0 pasting at Miami. Here comes the winless Raiders.  Stay classy San Diego!
Winner: Chargers

Lions at Cardinals (Sunday 4:25pm)

Could be the game of the day.  Too bad Carson Palmer's torn ACL keeps him out here. Statement game for both teams.
Winner: Cardinals

Eagles at Packers (Sunday 4:25pm)

Light 'em up at Lambeau!
Winner: Packers

Patriots at Colts (Sunday 8:30pm)

Cutler and Manning down.  Luck this week. Stafford, Rodgers and Rivers up next.  New England's murderous road of QB opponents continues. Can Luck survive Revis Island?
Winner: Colts

Steelers at Titans (Monday 8:30pm)

Pittsburgh is 6-4 with losses to the Jets and Bucs, who have a combined 3 wins. Yes, they should be worried about the 2-7 Titans.
Winner: Steelers

Last week: 10-3
Season: 100-45-1