AFC/NFC Championship Game Picks

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NFC Championship
Packers at Seahawks (Sunday 3pm)

This time, Aaron Rodgers will throw to Richard Sherman's side of the field.  It may not matter.  The Packers are a different team away from Lambeau Field and the fact that Seattle's defense is playing as well as last year's Super Bowl Champs may be just enough.  Plus, add in that Russell Wilson is better now than a year ago and the repeat should still be alive in the great Northwest.
Winner: Seahawks

AFC Championship
Colts at Patriots (Sunday 6:40pm)

Andrew Luck is 0-3 against the Patriots with three blowouts. It probably will be closer this time, but the Colts will have to come up with a turnover edge or a special teams game changer to beat the Patriots.  Don't expect New England's defense to give up a couple of 14-point deficits this week like they did last Saturday against the Ravens. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick know these Super Bowl chances may be fleeting late in their careers.
Winner: Patriots