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Bill Belichick says he had no knowledge of deflated footballs (Pro Football Talk)
Will Ferrell nails cheerleader in face at Lakers game filming movie (E! Online)

Gwyneth Paltrow gets naughty with Howard Stern (E! Online)
Ariana Grande to perform at NBA All-Star Game (E! Online)
Jamie Dornan gets drunk with Robert Pattinson (E! Online)
See Victoria's Secret's Super Bowl commercial! (US Weekly)
Glee's Lea Michele throws up singing "Let It Go" (US Weekly)
Hope Solo suspended by US Soccer (US Weekly)
Happy Birthday to...

Diane Lane - 50
Guy Fieri - 47
Ray Rice - 28
John Hurt - 75
Steve Perry - 66
Linda Blair - 56
Katie Barberi - 43
DJ Jazzy Jeff - 50
Tommy Knight - 22
Steven Adler - 50
Piper Laurie - 83
Christopher Masterson - 35
Greg Oden - 27
Marcus Canty - 24
Willa Ford - 34