Elorza appoints Ethics Commission, Municipal Integrity Officer

Mayor Elorza, Council President Aponte Nominate Ethics Commission, Municipal Integrity Officer

Mayor Follows Through on Campaign Pledge

- Following through on his campaign pledge to appoint members to the City's ethics commission within 30 days of his administration, Mayor Jorge O. Elorza Wednesday nominated Elsa Dure, Ethan Gyles and Zack Mezera to serve on the all-volunteer commission. Mayor Elorza also announced his nomination of Kathryn Sabatini as the City's Municipal Integrity Officer.

“Ethics, integrity and transparency are essential components of an effective government,” said Mayor Elorza. “Making City Hall as open and transparent as possible was a central theme of my campaign, and it is of vital importance to my administration. Now, 30 days into my term as Mayor, I am pleased to join City Council President Aponte in announcing six nominees for the City's Ethics Commission.”

In addition to the Mayor's nominees, City Council President Luis A. Aponte announced the Council is nominating Jose Batista, Vanessa Crum and Kas DeCarvalho to serve on the Commission.

“I was proud to be part of the City Council's efforts to pass an Ethics Ordinance and create the Ethics Commission,” said Council President Aponte, who represents Ward 10. “By appointing this outstanding slate of commissioners today, we send a clear message about how business gets done in the City – with the highest focus on ethics and accountability.”

While the ordinance creating the Ethics Commission was enacted in 2006, the Commission has never been filled. Mayor Elorza, is making good on his campaign pledge to bring an increased focus on ethics and accountability in government to his administration.

The Ethics Commission will provide a local forum for consideration and investigation of ethical concerns. The all-volunteer organization will act as a liaison for the community, providing guidance on the City's Code of Ethics, issuing advisory opinions and establishing a hotline for anonymous tips into potential violations.

Elsa Dure is the Chief of Policy and Expansion for Rhode Island Mayoral Academies. Her previous experience includes work with the Annenberg Institute of School Reform. Dure has a Masters' Degree in Urban Education Policy from Brown University.

Ethan C.  Gyles is a licensed professional environmental engineer. Gyles is a project manager and engineer for Environmental Resources Management, a global consulting firm specializing in sustainability and the environment. Gyles is a member of Common Cause Rhode Island, a non-partisan organization focused on transparency and accountability in government.

Zack Mezera is the Executive Director of the Providence Student Union, an organization dedicated to amplifying the student voice.

Jose F. Batista is a law student at Roger Williams University School of Law. His experience includes time with the United State District Court, the Rhode Island District Court and serving on the Providence Charter Review Commission.

Vanessa Crum is an attorney and administrator with the Rhode Island Department of Transportation. A Graduate of the Columbus School of Law and Johns Hopkins University, Crum has served the State of Rhode Island for more than 20 years.

Kas DeCarvalho is an attorney with Pannone Lopes Deveraux & West, a firm specializing in international business ethics and compliance. He also serves as Director of International Development for LCF Group, representing American interests in anti-corruption and ethical compliance cases in emerging markets.

Assistant City Solicitor Kathryn Sabatini is nominated to serve as Municipal Integrity Officer. The Municipal Integrity Officer is tasked with assisting City employees and officials to adhere to uphold the highest ethical standards and comply with the City's Code of Ethics. The Municipal Integrity Officer has historically been a current City Employee. Sabatini has been with the Solicitor's Office since 2012.

(release from City of Providence)