Elorza still wants to void Shark Bar licenses

Mayor Elorza Affirms Commitment to Void Shark Bar Licenses

– Mayor Jorge O. Elorza, in response to Monday's decision by the Superior Court to grant temporary receivership status to Shark Sushi Bar & Grille Inc., made the following statement:

“I respect the Judge's decision, however we still believe that these licenses are void due to the manner in which they were obtained and will continue to pursue this matter aggressively,” said Mayor Elorza. “The City's Law department will petition the Superior Court for relief from the stay so that the Board of Licenses may proceed with its hearings on this matter.

“Public corruption at any level of government is unacceptable and I want to send a strong signal that there will be no tolerance for it. I hope that the Superior Court will grant relief from today's decision and allow the License Board to decide on the petition to void the Shark Bar's licenses,” Mayor Elorza continued.

The Board of Licenses, in its meeting this afternoon, voted to table the matter pending additional action of the Superior Court.

(release from City of Providence)