Pedego Rhode Island offers miles of smiles

Pedego Rhode Island Offers Miles of Smiles!

Electric bikes make wheels spin while riders grin

IRVINE, Calif., May 20, 2015
— It's warm weather in Rhode Island, and fun-loving locals and tourists have swarmed the new Pedego® Rhode Island store to enjoy riding electric bikes on local paths. Store owner Mark DeStefano is stocked and ready to send riders out for fun on Pedego electric bikes to experience Rhode Island in a whole new way.  When riders hit the famous scenic paths around Bristol, they zip around with what DeStefano refers to as the “Pedego Grin.” 

Electric bike rentals are a new kind of fun that is making the most of Bristol's scenic paths. Riders can pedal as much as they want and allow the electric motor to help them when they need to rest or enjoy a boost along the way. The start of the East Bay Bike Path is a mere three blocks from Pedego Rhode Island's Bristol location. On this popular paved cycling path, riders can roll along the bay, through a salt marsh and over rivers on a 15-mile scenic route all the way to Providence. “There is so much more to this than just renting bikes,” said DeStefano. “It's about providing folks with a day they will fondly remember.”

Visitors to the Pedego Bristol store can also enjoy free test rides on Pedego electric bikes. The store carries a wide selection of models, from colorful Comfort Cruisers to chic City Commuters. Each model boasts a powerful Pedego motor that helps riders conquer hills and makes headwinds a breeze. Riders will discover that they feel like a kid again as they and enjoy scenic bike paths while maintaining control of their workouts. The bikes also have seven gears so that riders can pedal as much as they want, but they never have that moment of thinking, Gee, maybe I better turn back. Instead, a twist of the throttle or a quick tap on the Pedal Assist controls, and away they go... grinning Pedego style!

(release from Pedego Rhode Island)