Raimondo nominates Dangelo to Marine Fisheries Council

Raimondo Nominates Captain Andrew Dangelo to the Marine Fisheries Council  

- Governor Gina M. Raimondo Wednesday announced her intent to nominate Captain Andrew Dangelo to the Marine Fisheries Council (RIMFC). Raimondo will submit his name to the Rhode Island State Senate for confirmation. 

"Rhode Island's marine industry plays a vibrant role in our state's economy and we must ensure that we protect and conserve these resources," said Raimondo. "I am grateful that Andrew has agreed to dedicate his time and expertise to the RIMFC to better our state's marine fisheries."

"Thoughtful and fair regulations keep our state's marine fisheries in working order," said Dangelo. "I am excited to share my experience and knowledge with my fellow Council members to safeguard our natural marine resources while promoting their place in our economy."

Daneglo will be replacing Richard Bellevance who resigned from his position earlier this year.

"I also want to thank Richard Bellevance for his hard work on behalf of the state while he served on the Counciland his commitment to our environment," added Raimondo.

Captain Andrew Dangelo is currently the owner of the reactional-charter fishing company, Maridee Inc. Prior, he was the Headboat Operator of various recreational boat operations. Dangelo is the treasurer of the Rhode Island Party and Charter Boat Association, a member of the Rhode Island Marine Council Striped Bass Advisory Panel, and also the Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council Fisherman's Advisory Board. He earned his associate's degree from the University of Rhode Island and his Bachelor of Science from Colorado State University.

The RIMFC, is housed within the state Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM), and has authority over the state's marine species. It may promulgate regulations governing the opening and closing of areas within the coastal waters to the taking of any and all types of fish, lobsters, and shellfish.  

(release from Governor's Office)