National Sunglasses Day is Saturday

Did you know that it's National Sunglasses Day Saturday? 

Foster Grant is the FIRST and OLDEST sunglasses company in America (86 years old this summer) and is a local Rhode Island Company. 

Did you know...

•    Sunglasses were first worn in the 12th century by Chinese judges, not for sun protection but to maintain a poker face. 

•    Moving across the world from China to Italy, where in the 18th century, wearers thought the green-tinted glasses helped the elderly see more clearly!  

•    As the 19th century approached, sunglasses were being worn by syphilis sufferers, as sensitivity to light was a symptom and the glasses provided relief.  

•    Fast forward to the 1920s, when sunglasses were starting to be worn as a fashionable accessory by Hollywood elite.  In 1929, Foster Grant's Sam Foster sold the first ever mass-produced sunglasses on the Atlantic City Boardwalk, and during the golden era of film, iconic Hollywood stars epitomized effortless chic wearing their Foster Grants. In the 1960s, ah-la the time of Marilyn Monroe's cat eyes, and Jackie Kennedy's oversized round frames, sunglasses were a fashion trend.  At this time Foster Grant pioneered one of the top 100 advertising campaigns of all time, “Who's that behind those Foster Grants?” which to this day is immediately recognizable. Stars such as Sophia Loren and Vanessa Redgrave, and more recently Brooke Shields and now The Vampire Diaries' Kat Graham have all been the famous face “behind those Foster Grants."