Week 1 NFL Picks

The 2015 season is here! Here's all our week 1 predictions! Play our CW28 Pro Football Picks Contest where you could win a $25 gift card from Dunkin' Donuts plus a grand prize of a trip to Hawaii! It's all powered by The Vets!

Steelers at Patriots (Thursday 8:30pm)
To say the Patriots will be in revenge mode after #DeflateGate might be an understatement.  
Winner: Patriots

Colts at Bills (Sunday 1pm)
Will the Bills be for real in game 1 of the Rex Ryan era? Defense. Defense. Defense.
Winner: Bills

Dolphins at Redskins (Sunday 1pm)
It's chaos in the National's Capital, but at the end of the day, the better QB (Kirk Cousins over RG III) is playing. Dolphins need to take a step up this season or Joe Philbin could be coaching elsewhere.
Winner: Dolphins

Browns at Jets (Sunday 1pm)
The Jets will be better defensively, no doubt with the return of Revis Island. But can they score? 
Winner: Jets

Packers at Bears (Sunday 1pm)
No Jordy Nelson plus a banged up Randall Cobb may limit Aaron Rodgers, but it won't stop him. 
Winner: Packers

Chiefs at Texans (Sunday 1pm)
"Hard Knocks" is over and now the real-life, on-field drama begins in Houston. 
Winner: Texans

Panthers at Jaguars (Sunday 1pm)
Does Cam Newton have "anybody" to help him on offense other than Greg Olsen? 
Winner: Jaguars

Seahawks at Rams (Sunday 1pm)
Will there be a Super Bowl hangover for the Hawks? 
Winner: Seahawks

Saints at Cardinals (Sunday 4:05pm)
The Saints have been trending the wrong way. Can they stop the slide downward? 
Winner: Cardinals

Lions at Chargers (Sunday 4:05pm)
Game of the post-Suh era in Detroit. Here's a hint: they may be better. Just not to start. 
Winner: Chargers

Ravens at Broncos (Sunday 4:25pm)
The Ravens seem to be this season's sexy Super Bowl pick. Tough start with three of four on the road. 
Winner: Broncos

Bengals at Raiders (Sunday 4:25pm)
If the Raiders are going to be "that" trendy pick to improve this season, this is a game they should win. 
Winner: Raiders

Titans at Bucs (Sunday 4:25pm)
Winston vs. Mariotta. #1 pick vs. #2 pick. After that, not much to see here. 
Winner: Titans

Giants at Cowboys (Sunday 8:30pm)
So, the Cowboys say "anyone" can be there running back. Romo to Bryant for a couple of TD's would make that statement easier. 
Winner: Cowboys

Eagles at Falcons (Monday 7:10pm)
The clock may be ticking on Chip Kelly. 
Winner: Falcons

Vikings at 49ers (Monday 10:20pm)
Is there anyone left in SF? This one marks the return of Adrian Peterson from suspension on child abuse charges. 
Winner: 49ers