Providence cracks down on dangerous illegal nightclubs

City Cracks Down on Dangerous Illegal Nightclubs

PROVIDENCE, RI – The City of Providence is cracking down on illegal nightclubs that are endangering lives through numerous public health and safety violations.

An illegal nightclub operating in an old mill building behind 95 Hartford Street was recently shut down thanks to a collaborative effort that included the Mayor’s Office, Solicitor’s Office, Department of Inspections and Standards, Fire Marshall’s Office and Police Licensing Bureau.

“Illegal nightclubs such as these are extremely dangerous and will not be tolerated in this city,” said Mayor Elorza. “I applaud the diligent work of the Solicitor’s Office, Department of Inspections and Standards, Fire Marshall’s Office and the Providence Police Department in taking action to close this venue before a catastrophe occurred. Residents can rest assured that we will continue to seek out and close venues that operate outside the law and put lives in danger.”

During the investigation, city officials uncovered numerous safety violations at the venue, including two gasoline powered generators on the roof of the building with extension cords feeding power to the nightclub floor, as well as several open gasoline canisters in rooms where hookah was being smoked.

The venue had no certificate of occupancy, no electricity service, poor lighting, a lack of fire detection and prevention systems and faced significant overcrowding, according to investigators. The building has received a condemnation notice and the building owner has made taken steps to ensure the operators of the club are unable to regain entry.

The City of Providence will continue to monitor this and other locations where dangerous illegal nightclubs are putting lives in danger and see that they are not allowed to continue operation.

(release from City of Providence)