Hispanic College Quiz Show

Watch the Hispanic College Quiz show on The CW Providence, presented locally by Rhode Island Beef & Veal, Inc.!  Plus, find out about all the students on the show by clicking here!

The Hispanic College Quiz was launched in 2008 as a team competition between Latino students from various Hispanic-serving higher education institutions. In recent years, the show has evolved into an individual head-to-head rivalry. 

HCQ is designed to encourage an appreciation of Hispanic culture by presenting information and engaging students in a spirit of healthy competition. Through the Hispanic College Quiz show series, knowledge of various Latino ethnicities has grown exponentially. Hispanics are the youngest and fastest-growing population and HCQ has changed the national dialogue on the accomplishments and achievements of this minority group. 

The specific objectives of the Hispanic College Quiz show series are to (1) foster greater knowledge of various cultures by sharing information about these cultures and (2) to inspire all people, young and old, to have an appreciation of the contributions of minorities to the way of life all Americans (and citizens of other nations) take pride in and relish. 

Hundreds of young Hispanics benefit from HCQ through its scholarships and media exposure. The champions of Hispanic success are proudly depicted on this Hispanic Heritage Month four-part special.


Show times
Sunday, September 10 at 8am
Sunday, September 17 at 8am
Sunday, September 24 at 8am
Sunday, October 1        at 8am

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