Providence tries to combat illegal dumping

Mayor Elorza Highlights City Actions to Combat Illegal Dumping

New Camera Systems Record Illegal Dumping Activity, Warn Violators through Pre-Recorded Message¬

PROVIDENCE, RI – Mayor Jorge Elorza Tuesday joined members of the Providence City Council and city officials to highlight actions the city is taking to crack down on illegal dumping activity at sites throughout the city.

“Illegal dumping shows a blatant disrespect for our environment and the quality of life in our city,” said Mayor Elorza. “With these new cameras and with the strong tools laid out in the ordinance before the council, we are sending a clear message that illegal dumping will not be tolerated.”

The city has installed 8 cameras in known dumping location throughout the city. The cameras are motion activated, record activity and also provide an audible warning to individuals in the restricted areas. The cameras will be periodically moved to strategic locations throughout the city.

The Department of Public Works estimates that illegal dumping is costing as much as $6,000 per week in labor, equipment and disposal fees. Addressing the illegal refuse also takes DPW employees away from their regular duties.

The Mayor was joined by members of the Providence City Council, including Councilman Correia, Chairman of the Council’s Committee on Public Works. 

(release from City of Providence)