NFL Week 4 Picks

The Patriots are off for the bye week, but we are still here for our weekly NFL picks.  Who will win? Here's our picks.  Play our CW28 Pro Football Picks Contest where you could win a $25 gift card from Dunkin' Donuts plus a grand prize of a trip to Hawaii! It's all powered by The Vets!

Week 4 byes: Patriots, Titans

Ravens at Steelers (Thursday 8:25pm)
No Big Ben for Pittsburgh and the Ravens are desperate for their first win of the season. Sounds like your typical AFC North affair. 
Winner: Steelers

Jets at Dolphins (London, Sunday 9:30am)
Both teams looked less than steller in home losses last week. Miami seems to like London, so....
Winner: Dolphins

Giants at Bills (Sunday 1pm)
Rex Ryan would love to do something the Patriots can't seem to do - beat the Giants. 
Winner: Bills

Texans at Falcons (Sunday 1pm)
Could be another huge day for Julio Jones as the Texans secondary is not very good. Atlanta completes the Texas two-step after beating Dallas last Sunday.
Winner: Falcons

Raiders at Bears (Sunday 1pm)
Could it be possible? Oakland with back-to-back road wins? Is there anyone the Bears haven't traded this week? 
Winner: Raiders

Chiefs at Bengals (Sunday 1pm)
The Bengals aren't perfect (see Jeremy Hill) but they are undefeated. 
Winner: Bengals

Jaguars at Colts (Sunday 1pm)
Colts QB Andrew Luck has been limited with a shoulder injury this week in practice. That's the last thing Indy needs. 
Winner: Colts (if Luck plays)

Panthers at Bucs (Sunday 1pm)
The only problem Cam Newton has had this season is referee Ed Hochuli. 
Winner: Panthers

Eagles at Washington (Sunday 1pm)
Philadelphia won't even acknowledge Washington's nickname. Who knows what to expect from these two teams, right?
Winner: Eagles

Browns at Chargers (Sunday 4:05pm)
Cleveland coming to town could be the cure-all to the Bolts running woes. 
Winner: Chargers

Rams at Cardinals (Sunday 4:25pm)
The Cardinals are cruising after back-to-back 40+ scoring weeks. St. Louis just can't keep up. 
Winner: Cardinals

Vikings at Broncos (Sunday 4:25pm)
This one could get ugly early as Denver's defense has been smothering to start the season. 
Winner: Broncos

Packers at 49ers (Sunday 4:25pm)
Two teams - opposite directions. Completely. 
Winner: Packers

Cowboys at Saints (Sunday 8:30pm)
No Tony Romo. No Dez Bryant. Drew Brees is possible after missing last Sunday's loss to Carolina. Not exactly the star power the NFL was hoping for on Sunday night. 
Winner: Cowboys

Lions at Seahawks (Monday 8:30pm)
Seattle's cure-all should continue in primetime as the NFC Champs get back to .500. 
Winner: Seahawks