NFL Week 5 picks

The Patriots are back from the bye week and we're back for our weekly NFL picks Who will win? Here's our picks.  Play our CW28 Pro Football Picks Contest where you could win a $25 gift card from Dunkin' Donuts plus a grand prize of a trip to Hawaii! It's all powered by The Vets!

Week 4 byes: Dolphins, Jets, Panthers, Vikings

Colts at Texans (Thursday 8:25pm)
No Andrew Luck again for the Colts and Matt Hasselback, now the starter, was in the hospital (illness) just 2 days ago. Happy hunting QB's JJ Watt!
Winner: Texans

Redskins at Falcons (Sunday 1pm)
The Falcons are rolling offensively. Wouldn't expect Washington to be the one to change that. 
Winner: Falcons

Browns at Ravens (Sunday 1pm)
The Ravens, after a gift win last week from the Steelers, look to get well here and climb back to mediocrity. 
Winner: Ravens

Seahawks at Bengals (Sunday 1pm)
If Cincy is looking to prove it's no fluke at 4-0, here's the spot to do it. Or maybe the Seahawks can be given another win after MNF's bat-ball debacle. 
Winner: Bengals

Rams at Packers (Sunday 1pm)
The Rams do tend to play better against good teams (look at last week's win in Arizona last Sunday.  But, going into Green Bay against Aaron Rodgers may be just too tall an order. 
Winner: Packers

Bears at Chiefs (Sunday 1pm)
After 7 FG's last week, KC will be looking to improve their ways of finishing on offense. 
Winner: Chiefs

Saints at Eagles (Sunday 1pm)
Is it too early to call this a must win for Chip Kelly? The Saints are happy just to have one win now that Drew Brees is back at QB. 
Winner: Eagles

Jaguars at Bucs (Sunday 1pm)
Thankfully, this one will be limited to those in Florida. 
Winner: Bucs

Bills at Titans (Sunday 1pm)
The Bills are good one week, not so good the next. Thankfully for them, this is a good this week game. 
Winner: Bills

Cardinals at Lions (Sunday 4:05pm)
Simply put, Detroit got screwed Monday night in Seattle.  Unfortunately for them, the Cardinals are angry after a home loss to the Rams. 
Winner: Cardinals

Patriots at Cowboys (Sunday 4:25pm)
Revenge tour 2015 returns after a bye week for the Patriots. Next up: Jerry Jones (DeflateGate) and Greg Hardy (Gisele comments). Plus, it doesn't hurt New England that the Cowboys are without Tony Romo and Dez Bryant.
Winner: Patriots

Broncos at Raiders (Sunday 4:25pm)
Despite the Peyton's not the same rhetoric, the Broncos just keep winning. 
Winner: Broncos

49ers at Giants (Sunday 8:30pm)
We'll just call this one the not-so-ready-for-primetime-game. 
Winner: Giants

Steelers at Chargers (Monday 8:30pm)
WR Martavis Bryant (Steelers) and TE Antonio Gates (Chargers) both return from four-game suspensions.  At least Gates has Phillip Rivers.  Bryant's stuck with Michael Vick.
Winner: Chargers