NFL Picks - Week 6

The Patriots and Colts first meeting since (no, we won't say it) the "D" word.  Who will win? Here's our picks.  Play our CW28 Pro Football Picks Contest where you could win a $25 gift card from Dunkin' Donuts plus a grand prize of a trip to Hawaii! It's all powered by The Vets!

Byes: Buccaneers, Cowboys, Raiders, Rams

Falcons at Saints (Thursday 8:25pm)
Perfect trap game for the Falcons right? New head coach Dan Quinn isn't having it plus, the Saints can't stop anyone right now.
Winner: Falcons 

Bengals at Bills (Sunday 1pm)
Looks like QB Tyrod Taylor won't be around for the Bills.  The Bengals can't afford a slip up here if they want to stay in the "elite" class of the AFC. 
Winner: Bengals

Broncos at Browns (Sunday 1pm)
Most intriguing matchup of the early games.   Peyton Manning isn't what he used to be and the Broncos can't run the ball.  The Browns on the other hand are one of the most prolific offenses in the past three weeks behind Josh McCown.  Everything points Denver, so....
Winner: Browns

Bears at Lions (Sunday 1pm)
Things could get incredibly bad - like Jim Caldwell losing his job bad - if the Lions fall to 0-6. 
Winner: Lions

Texans at Jaguars (Sunday 1pm)
Houston head coach Bill O'Brien is still stuck in Hard Knocks hell! It could get worse against a Jaguars team that at least plays hard. 
Winner: Jaguars

Chiefs at Vikings (Sunday 1pm)
Life without Jamaal Charles (again) begins against a rested Adrian Peterson. Yikes!
Winner: Vikings

Redskins at Jets (Sunday 1pm)
Jets 4-1 and atop the AFC East? Could happen with a win here and a Patriots stumble in Indy.  RB Chris Ivory is running as good as anyone in the league right now. 
Winner: Jets

Cardinals at Steelers (Sunday 1pm)
Did Michael Vick find something in his final two Monday night drives in San Diego? Can the Cards contain Le'Veon Bell? Antonio Brown vs. Patrick Peterson - individual matchup of the week. Cardinals are the better team, but you know their history heading East for an early game.
Winner: Steelers 

Dolphins at Titans (Sunday 1pm)
Sorry new Dolphins head coach Dan Campbell, there are no Oklahoma drills on Sundays. Titans have handed away a pair of home wins away to Indy and Buffalo. They won't do the same here. 
Winner: Titans

Panthers at Seahawks (Sunday 4:05pm)
What has happened to Seattle, who really should be 1-4 at this point? Still, can't see Seattle continuing to look so bad in this rematch of the NFC Playoffs. Plus, Marshawn Lynch is back for Seattle. 
Winner: Seahawks

Chargers at Packers (Sunday 4:25pm)
Great QB matchup with Rodgers vs. Rivers. Unfortunately for SD, it's a short week, they're on the road and Aaron Rodgers has a much better defense (and offense) surrounding him than Phillip Rivers. 
Winner: Packers

Ravens at 49ers (Sunday 4:25pm)
This one's so far removed from Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans, plus one less Harbaugh brother.  Loser goes home 1-5.
Winner: 49ers

Patriots at Colts (Sunday 8:30pm)
Does anything more really need to be said about this one? The only intrigue is whether Andrew Luck does or doesn't play. 
Winner: Patriots

Giants at Eagles (Monday 8:30pm)
If you picked the Giants at the top of the NFC East pole after 5 weeks, you'd be surprisingly correct. Both teams finally getting better on offense, so could be a shootout on MNF.
Winner: Eagles