NFL Picks Week 9

Our quick week 9 picks!

Redskins at Patriots (Sunday 1pm)
Next victim is Washington.
Winner: Patriots

Dolphins at Bills (Sunday 1pm)
Dolphins couldn't beat them in Miami. Won't beat them in Buffalo with the Bills coming off the bye. Reality bites for Miami. 
Winner: Bills

Packers at Panthers (Sunday 1pm)
Don't expect two straight stinkers from Aaron Rodgers. 
Winner: Packers

Rams at Vikings (Sunday 1pm)
Battle of running back: Gurley vs. AP. Rams might just have enough defense to pull off the upset in a battle that impacts the NFC Playoff chase. 
Winner: Vikings

Titans at Saints (Sunday 1pm)
Congrats Mike Mularkey! You're first game as interim head coach of the Titans comes on the road against the suddenly surging Saints who are QB'd by Drew Brees - the owners of 7 TD passses last Sunday. 
Winner: Saints

Jaguars at Jets (Sunday 1pm)
Suddenly, the Jets are hurt and slumping, but should have enough to squeak by the Jags. 
Winner: Jets

Raiders at Steelers (Sunday 1pm)
Big Ben surely underachieved in his game back from a knee injury last Sunday in a home loss to Cincy.  If the Raiders can win a 1pm road game in Pittsburgh, they really will be for real in the AFC Wild Card chase. 
Winner: Steelers

Falcons at 49ers (Sunday 4:05pm)
Hard to believe the Falcons would lose in this spot.  But then again, did we see them losing at home to the Bucs? 
Winner: Falcons

Giants at Bucs (Sunday 4:05pm)
Eli Manning throws 6 TD's against the Saints and the G-Men lose because the punter gets a facemask penalty. That kind of year for the Giants, who are still in 1st place in the NFC Least. 
Winner: Giants

Broncos at Colts (Sunday 4:25pm)
Wouldn't it be fitting if Peyton Manning was the one who put the final peg in Chuck Pagano and Ryan Grigson's departure from Indy? 
Winner: Broncos

Eagles at Cowboys (Sunday 8:30pm)
Last time these two teams met, Tony Romo QB'd the Cowboys.  Just a gut feeling - Matt Cassel's first win here as a Cowboy. 
Winner: Cowboys

Bears at Chargers (Monday 8:30pm)
Disappointment bowl 2015!
Winner: Chargers

Did not pick - Browns vs. Bengals (31-10 Bengals)