Hope Street Merchants unveil Solar Powered Street Lamp plan

Hope Street Merchants Unveil Solar Powered Street Lamp Plan

Off-Grid On Hope will make neighborhood more beautiful and safer for pedestrians at night

Providence, RI – Last night representatives of the Hope Street Merchants Association (HSMA), along with industrial designer Jonathan Harris, unveiled a
plan to install solar powered street lamps along Hope Street to a crowd of community leaders, elected officials, business owners, and neighborhood
residents at Pizzico restaurant (762 Hope St.). HSMA co-presidents Line Daems and Pernilla Frazier, who co-own Kreatelier fabric shop (804 Hope St.),
presented a detailed overview of Off-Grid On Hope, an initiative that aims to make Hope Street more beautiful and pedestrian friendly at night. Harris, who
was commissioned by HSMA to design and fabricate the lamps, followed with a presentation on the technical aspects of the project.

The plan calls for the installation of up to 30 lamps along Hope Street from the Rochambeau Library to Fifth Street. These lamps will not be connected to the electrical grid, and will instead be powered by solar panels. “By keeping the lights disconnected from the grid, installation is less expensive, city resources are not drawn upon, and there is more flexibility in installation,” said Harris. “This project supports local designers, artisans, and manufacturers.” The design is intended to cast a warm, subtle glow that will make the street safer and more inviting to pedestrians after dark, while not contributing to light pollution. The base of each lamp will feature a zoetrope, where the works of local artists will be showcased at eye-level for children.

HSMA plans to fund and install a prototype of Harris’ design by spring 2016, and is aiming for full implementation of the project by late fall. The prototype phase is expected to cost around $4,300, while the full installation is estimated at $120,000. HSMA will fund the project through a mix of grants, corporate
sponsorships, private donors, and community contributions. They have launched a donation page on their website for those who wish to contribute.

Off-Grid On Hope would add to the list of improvements HSMA has made to its neighborhood over the past six years, including custom-designed bus shelters, locally fabricated steel trash receptacles, park benches, bike racks, flower plantings, new trees with tree guards, and branded signage. “We believe this project will make our streets safer and more accessible for all and make the neighborhood a more appealing nighttime destination,” said Daems. Frazier added, “We want Off-Grid On Hope to be an example for environmentally friendly, energy efficient neighborhood improvement projects, helping to make our city greener and more beautiful.

More information is available at hopestreetprov.com/off-grid-on-hope.

(release from Hope Street Merchants Association)