Report: LA School threat deemed to be hoax

UPDATE: 3:40pm - According to the AP, a House Intelligence Committee member says Los Angeles school threat is believed to be a hoax

All schools in Los Angeles have been shut down due to "rare credible threat." according to LA officials Tuesday morning.  The LA district has over 900 schools and more than 600,000 students. 

All schools are being searched due to an electronic threat received by LA School Department. 

New York City officials say that they received the same threat against its schools today, but deemed it non-credible. 

At a press conference Tuesday afternoon,LAPD chief Steve Zipperman said: "It's...easy to criticize a decision when you have no responsibility for the outcome of that decision." 

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti says he supports officials who closed schools. "All of us who have children can appreciate" the move,

Reports indicate the email threat may have come from an IP address in Frankfurt, Germany.

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