NFL Wild Card Picks

The NFL playoffs are here! Who will survive Wild Card weekend.....

Chiefs at Texans (Saturday 4:35pm)
The Chiefs beat the Texans in week 1.  The Chiefs have won 10 games in a row.  The Chiefs are the better overall team. But...
Winner: Texans

Steelers at Bengals (Saturday 8:15pm)
Rain in the forecast for Saturday night in Cincinnati.  Can AJ McCarron do what Andy Dalton couldn't - win a playoff game? Can the Steelers regain the rhythm they had three weeks ago? 
Winner: Steelers

Seahawks at Vikings (Sunday 1pm)
The high temperature will be 6 degrees.  The Seahawks destroyed the Vikings in Minneapolis during the regular season. The Vikings are playing better, but the Seahawks are the hot pick in the NFC.  Turnovers in cold temps will spell the difference. 
Winner: Seahawks

Packers at Redskins (Sunday 4:40pm)
Yes, Aaron Rodgers is better than Kirk Cousins.  But there's something just not right about Green Bay. 
Winner: Redskins