Providence announces Community Office Hours

Mayor’s Center for City Services Announces Schedule of ‘Community Office Hours’ 

PROVIDENCE, RI – Tuesday Mayor Jorge Elorza announced upcoming dates for the Mayor’s Center for City Services (MCCS) Community Office Hours. 

"City Hall is committed to being as accessible and responsive as possible to each and every resident,” said Mayor Elorza. "We are continuing to take the Mayor’s Center for City Services into the community to expand our reach and make sure that you are getting the high-quality services you deserve. “

In 2015, the Mayor’s Center for City Services responded to over 18,000 constituent calls, resolved more than 10,700 requests for city services and eliminated a backlog of 3,500 cases from prior years. A new information desk at City Hall operated by center staff assisted more than 4,500 visitors throughout the year.

Community Office Hours enables MCCS to be accessible and helpful to more residents throughout the city. The office will hold Community Office Hours in each of the City’s 25 neighborhoods by this summer. 

When not on the road the Mayor’s Center for City Services is available to assist residents at City Hall, Room 101 and by phone at 421-CITY (2489).  

Schedule for 2016 Mayor's Center for City Services Community Office Hours:

•         February 1 (5-7pm) Eastside Market, 165 Pitman Street
•         February 3 (5-7pm) Panaderia el Quetzal, 445 Hartford Avenue
•         March 1 (5-7pm) Walgreens, 354 Admiral Street
•         March 2 (5-7pm) Stop and Shop, 850 Manton Avenue
•         March 8 (10am-12pm) Salvation Army, 386 Broad Street
•         March 12 (10am-12pm) Panaderia Maya, 113 Valley Street
•         March 15 (5-7pm) Teas and Javas, 199 Wayland Avenue
•         March 17 (5-7pm) Washington Park Library, 1316 Broad Street
•         March 22 (5-7pm) Walmart, 51 Silver Spring Street
•         April 9 (12-2pm) Roger Williams Park (Carousel)

(release from City of Providence)