Providence holds workshop to address long-term climate resiliency

Providence Holds Workshop to Address Long-Term Climate Resiliency

PROVIDENCE, RI – Mayor Jorge Elorza Wednesday joined Curt Spaulding an administrator from the Environmental Protection Agency and a team of experts to discuss the city’s resiliency and preparedness for the long-term effects of the global climate crisis. 

“A resilient city is one that’s prepared to adapt and continue to move forward no matter what challenges we face,” said Mayor Elorza. “I want to thank Senator Whitehouse, Administrator Spaulding, and everyone who participated in helping Providence with a resiliency plan.”

“Rhode Island is an urban, coastal state and that means we’re particularly susceptible to threats from changes taking place in our climate and oceans.  I’m glad Mayor Elorza and the City of Providence are taking action and thinking hard about ways to prepare our Capital City for those threats,” said Senator Whitehouse.  “Thank you to everyone taking part in the Resilient PVD Lab.”

The three day workshop resulted from a grant awarded to the City sponsored by the American Institute of Architects and the New England Municipal Sustainability Network’s Design and Resilience Team.

The team’s recommendations include addressing social and racial equity in resilience planning, enhancing community and physical connectivity, and creating policy and governance structures to ensure Providence is prepared for the next hundred years and beyond.

(release from  City of Providence)