RI's 2016 Governor for a Day announced

Meet Sophia, RI's 2016 Governor for a Day

Raimondo Announces Women's History Month Essay Contest Winner 

Governor Gina Raimondo Thursday announced the winner of the Governor for a Day Essay Contest, a Women's History Month initiative. Rhode Island's 2016 Governor for a Day is Sophia Miranda, an 11-year-old student at Lincoln Central Elementary School who wrote about making Rhode Island a place of opportunity for everyone. 

"I was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and compassion of these future leaders, and it was great to read about their big ideas," Raimondo said. "Sophia's essay encourages girls to be compassionate, hardworking leaders, and I look forward to spending the day with her."

Sophia wrote in her essay that she wanted to be Rhode Island's Governor for a Day because, "One person cannot help everyone at once; but, one person, who cares a lot, can be a leader and work with a lot of people to get things done." 

She also hoped to discuss how government can help people of different cultures, writing, "My grandmother doesn't speak or write in English that well and she is older. It has been very hard for her to find a job. This meeting will be to talk about teaching English and helping people of different cultures find better jobs."

Sophia will be sworn-in as Governor for a Day on Friday, April 22, 2016. The Governor's Office received over 400 submissions from middle school girls across the state. 

"I also want to thank the other students who all wrote truly fantastic essays," Raimondo added. "They were enthusiastic and articulate, and it was great to hear their ideas."

More from our essay writers

Abigail Wagner
Jamestown Lawn Avenue School - Jamestown
11 years old, 6th grade

"If I were Governor For a Day, I would visit refugee centers in Rhode Island and find out what is needed there. I would also encourage kids to participate in unified sports. The last thing I would do would be to identify the schools that can’t fund sports or after school programs and see how Rhode Island can fix that."  

Ibiolatiwa Akomolafe
Woodlawn Catholic Regional School - Pawtucket
14 years old, 8th grade

"Don’t you just despise it when people put you down, and say you cannot do things because you are 'just a girl'? Well, I have news for them! I can do anything, because I am not a girl; I am a proud African-American woman."

Rebecca Kilday
Metcalf Elementary School - West Greenwich
11 years old, 5th grade

"As Governor for a Day... I would hope to impact education and coding opportunities in Rhode Island and be an inspiration to other young people, especially showing girls they can do anything they put their mind to!" 

Isabella Garces
Raymond LaPerche Elementary School
11 years old, 5th grade

"All kids deserve a great education, and I would be sure to supply them with the tools they need to become great adults."  

Alexandra Lastor
Gilbert Stuart Middle School - Providence
14 years old, 8th grade

"If I were Governor, I would go to my middle school and community center to talk to teenagers there. I would try to be an example for being a successful young Hispanic woman." 
(release from Governor's Office) 

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