Court rules Brady suspension back on

Watch Donald Trump's reaction above to Monday's news during his stop in Warwick, courtesy of TMZ Sports. 

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has reinstated Patriots QB Tom Brady's 4-game DeflateGate suspension. 

Brady, who is looking at his options per various broadcast reports, will lose $235,941.17 by missing the Patriots first four games of the season at Arizona and home to Miami, Houston and Buffalo.  Two of those games (Arizona and Houston) are scheduled to be primetime games. 

The four-game suspension is due to the NFL finding that Brady was generally aware of the team allegedly deflating footballs in the 2015 AFC Championship Game victory over the Colts. 

With the Court's 2-1 decision, it also shut the door in its ruling on sending the case back to Judge Richard Berman for another look.  “Although it is our usual practice to allow the the district court to address arguments in the first instance, we choose to address the [NFLPA’s] arguments here because they were fully briefed below and on appeal and because they are meritless."  

Chief Judge Katzmann was the lone dissenting vote.  Circuit Judges Parker and Chin voted for the NFL. Katzmann ended his dissenting opinion with this: “It is ironic that a process designed to ensure fairness to all players has been unfairly used against one player.”

The 33-page decision can be read here

The NFL released the following statement on the decision: 

The NFLPA responded with this statement: 

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