Elorza proposes long-term budget, investment in education and neighborhoods

Mayor Elorza Proposes Long-Term Budget, Investment in Education and Neighborhoods

Budget Lowers Car Tax, Puts 1200 Computers in Classrooms, and Addresses City’s Long-Term Financial Health 

PROVIDENCE, RI – Mayor Jorge O. Elorza Wednesday proposed a budget for the City of Providence which makes needed investments in economic growth, schools, and neighborhoods, while also taking fiscally responsible actions to address the City’s long-term financial health.

“This is a budget that will make Providence more resilient today and long into the future,” said Mayor Elorza. “This budget takes bold steps to address our fiscal challenges so that we can invest in economic growth, in strong neighborhoods, and in our schools.”

The details of the Mayor’s proposed budget can be viewed through the innovative online budget tool Open Budget Providence by visiting: openbudget.providenceri.gov

•         Makes the car tax more affordable and fairer for our residents by raising the exemption level to $2,000
•         Forms a revenue working group to identify alternative sources of revenue and reduce reliance on property and excise taxes
•         Proposes an ordinance to create a standardized tangible tax stabilization agreement aimed to attract and expand businesses in Providence’s strongest sectors: food, design, maritime, and aging 
•         Ends City’s reliance on one-time revenue sources for budget gaps, ensuring that one-time revenues go to one-time investments
•         Lowers residential tax rate, non-resident tax rate, and commercial property tax rate

•         Tenfold increase in the city’s capital budget to $1 million 
•         Continues the citywide EveryHome Program in an effort to reduce blight and address vacant and abandoned properties in the city 
•         Provides $1.1 million support to local businesses through the Providence Business Loan Fund
•         Creates a Small Business Liaison position to assist in starting or expanding a business
•         Creates a Capital Improvement and Community Investment workgroup that and target investments in infrastructure
•         Expanded Police Academy to 60 cadets from 32 to be trained and prepared for duty by early 2017
•         Opens the application process for the city’s 51st Fire Academy 
•         Expands community policing efforts with a dedicated community liaison within the Public Safety Department 
•         Includes new signage for the newly expanded citywide Neighborhood Crime Watch program

•         $500,000 Access to Technology investment which will provide over 1,200 new computers to schools
•         Expands summer and after-school learning opportunities for students 
•         Provides support for administrators and principals by giving more autonomy and resources 
•         Invests in equity in Providence Public Schools through the hiring of an EEOC Officer
•         Creates bilingual call center to be point of contact between families and Providence schools
•         Expands full summer programming offered by the city’s Recreation Department 
•         Continues year-round recreation programs developed this current year
•         Includes improvements to parks, playgrounds, and greenspaces including Roger Williams Park

•         Calls on stakeholders in state government, non-profit institutions, labor, and business to work collaboratively with the city to face fiscal challenges

(release from City of Providence) 

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