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About Us
Welcome to Child & Family, where we strengthen families, their members and the communities in which they live. At Child & Family, we hold two core beliefs. That individuals and communities thrive when supported by strong families and that a community works best when it accepts responsibility for all of its members. These beliefs influence everything we do and have guided our growth since we first opened our doors in 1866.

Our Mission
“To strengthen individuals, families and the communities in which they live by identifying needs and utilizing best practices.”

Our Vision
“Empowered, engaged community members who thrive”.

Child & Family is the largest and most comprehensive social service provider in Newport County, and one of the largest in the State of Rhode Island.  It is a center for community involvement – a place where people come together to give help, to receive help and to support the work of others. With state-of-the-art Community Centers in both Middletown and Providence, Child & Family provides important services and programs to thousands of children, teens, families and elders throughout Rhode Island each year.

Today, Child & Family•    Extends help to more than 5,000 community “family” members each year.
•    Offers overnight housing for more than 150 people each night
•    Has an annual operating budget of more than $43 million
•    Employs more than 200 employees and coordinates a volunteer pool of more than 300 community members
•    Operates and maintains 10 facilities
•    Delivers an extensive array of family programming including: Child care, individual and family counseling, treatment foster care, and in-home family strengthening programs
•    Arranges for children without families a safe place to live in a family environment
•    Affords homeless mothers supportive housing so that they and their children can have a safe place to live, and where they can learn the parenting and job skills they require to ultimately take full responsibility for themselves and their families
•    Provides teens and young adults, both in school and in the community, with student assistance services, substance abuse counseling, school to career guidance, and general counseling programming
•    Delivers available care management and neighborhood friendly visiting services to elders
Type of Organization
Private, 501(c)(3) non-profit provider of social services
Funding Sources
Federal & State Contracts, United Way Funding, Fees, Grants and Private Donations
•    Council on Accreditation of Services for Families and Children
•    The Alliance for Children and Families

Our History
1866: The Civil War ends in 1865 and one year later the Home for Friendless Children opens its doors at 24 School Street, Newport, RI
1878: The Charity Organization Society of Newport is founded & is renamed “Family Services Society” in 1946
1917: The Home issues its first appeal for funds during Christmas. 100 paper bags are distributed and 90 are returned, providing abundantly for the Home
1924: The Home establishes a Daycare for children of working mothers
1929: The Wall Street Crash of 1929, also known at Black Tuesday, ushers in the Great Depression along with 2,263 applications for assistance, an increase of 882 more than any year in the Home’s history
1932: “We plan that each child have at least a dime to spend.” (December Log)
1956: The Home for Friendless Children is renamed The Children’s Home of Newport
1960: Orphanages become obsolete nationwide and the Home transitions into a short-term Emergency Care Facility
1966: The Home celebrates its Centennial Anniversary
1968: The Home adds Counseling Services, becoming a “Case Work Agency”
1970: The Home and The Family Services Society merge to become Child & Family Services of Newport County (CFS).  CFS establishes its Elder Services program
1982: CFS establishes a formal Volunteer program
1983: CFS hosts the first annual Taste of Newport
1986: CFS opens the Portsmouth Center, it’s first Residential Group Home for children
1988: CFS constructs a second program and services site on Valley Road in Middletown, RI
1996: CFS opens Winslow Place, a shelter for homeless women & their children
2007: CFS rebrands to Child & Family
2009: Child & Family moves from its home of almost 145 years to the newly constructed multi-service Community Center in Middletown
2012: Child & Family is selected as one of two lead agencies in the State’s new System of Care for children & families and acquires Casey Family Services’ Foster Care program
2013: Child & Family opens a second multi-service Community Center in Providence
2013: Child & Family expands its Elder Services program to Providence
2015: Child & Family conducts Strategic Plan
2016: Child & Family commences its 150th Anniversary celebration

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