Elorza signs Providence budget

Providence Budget Builds Strong, Vibrant Neighborhoods

PROVIDENCE, RI – Mayor Jorge Elorza Tuesday joined community leaders and city officials at the Sackett Recreation Center to sign a budget for upcoming Fiscal Year 2017 that supports strong neighborhoods throughout the City of Providence.

“Today we take a step forward for every neighborhood in Providence,” said Mayor Elorza. “By investing in our schools, infrastructure, communities, and our long-term financial stability, we are strengthening neighborhoods and helping make them more vibrant.”

“This year we are lowering the car tax, putting more than 1000 new computers in classrooms, running Police and Fire academies, and investing millions in needed infrastructure,” continued Mayor Elorza.

The $717.9 million combined city and school budget was introduced by Mayor Elorza on April 27, 2016 and adopted by the city council last week. Neighborhood improvements include: 

•         More than $2 million for capital repairs to roads, sidewalks, and other infrastructure;
•         $1.1 million in small business loans, and a Small Business Liaison;
•         60 cadet police academy to increase community policing, and a fire academy;
•         New signage for expanded Neighborhood Crime Watch;
•         $500,000 access to technology initiative to put computers in schools and rec centers;
•         Expanded summer and year-round recreation programs;
•         Improvements to neighborhood parks and playgrounds, including Roger Williams Park.

This budget also furthers the Elorza administrations’ commitment to long-term budgeting and fiscal stability.  Earlier this year, a study conducted by the National Resource Network showed that Providence should implement long-term financial planning to overcome its financial challenges. 

In FY2017 the city will continue to work with stakeholder groups to examine NRN’s recommendations and will launch a community engagement program to develop the city’s own 10-year financial plan

(release and photo from City of Providence) 

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