AstroOlympics Project on exhibit at Providence Public Library in October

AstroOlympics Project on Exhibit at Providence Public Library, October 3 - 31

What do Olympic athletes and objects in space have in common?

PROVIDENCE, RI -- Providence Public Library welcomes the The AstrOlympics project exhibit, opening Monday, October 3.  The exhibit will be on view in PPL's Empire Street Exhibit Space from October 3 - 31 during the Library’s Open Hours. Visitors and classes are welcome.

The athletes that compete in the Olympics can do amazing things. They run faster, jump higher, and spin quicker than most of us ever will. 

What do Olympic athletes and objects in space have in common? The answer is matter in motion, often in extreme examples. Whether it is a human body moving at the fastest speeds possible or the debris from an exploded star blasting through space, the physics of that motion is, in many ways, the same.

The AstrOlympics project explores the spectacular range of science that we can find both in the impressive feats of the Olympic Games as well as cosmic phenomena throughout the Universe. By measuring the range of values for such things as speed, mass, time, pressure, rotation, distance, and more, we can learn not only about the world around us, but also about the Universe we all live in.

The Olympics are an opportunity to behold the limits of human abilities in athletics. After all, the Olympic motto is Latin for “faster, higher, stronger.” AstrOlympics enables us to appreciate the feats of the Olympic athletes and then venture far beyond into the outer reaches of space.

For more information about the exhibit or arranging a class visit, contact Louise Moulton at or by phone at 401-455-8134. 

AstrOlympics is supported by NASA with funding under contract NAS8-03060. AstrOlympics was developed by the Chandra X-ray Center, at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, in Cambridge, MA.  Many thanks to the International Olympic Committee for allowing use of their videos and photos.

(release from Providence Public Library) 

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