NFL Week 9 Picks

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Byes: Patriots, Cardinals, Bears, Bengals, Texans, Redskins

Jets at Dolphins (Sunday 1pm)
Can the Dolphins do it again with another 200+ yard performance on the ground? 
Winner: Dolphins

Lions at Vikings (Sunday 1pm) 
Minnesota needs a bounceback game after a couple of road losses in Philly and Chicago. 
Winner: Vikings

Eagles at Giants (Sunday 1pm)
Winner here gets a leg up on the log jam that is the middle of the NFC East race chasing the Cowboys. 
Winner: Giants

Jaguars at Chiefs (Sunday 1pm)
Even without Alex Smith, Jamaal Charles and Spencer Ware, KC should be fine. 
Winner: Chiefs

Cowboys at Browns (Sunday 1pm)
Would you believe that Browns QB Cody Kessler was drafted ahead of Cowboys QB Dak Prescott? 
Winner: Cowboys

Steelers at Ravens (Sunday 1pm)
Welcome back Big Ben.  The question will be - is he 100%?
Winner: Steelers

Saints at 49ers (Sunday 4:05pm)
Drew Brees should have a field day for the Saints. 
Winner: Saints

Panthers at Rams (Sunday 4:05pm)
Welcome to LA Cam! The Panthers road back to .500 continues.
Winner: Panthers

Colts at Packers (Sunday 4:25pm)
Will there be any defense played in this one? Probably not. 
Winner: Packers

Titans at Chargers (Sunday 4:25pm)
A few plays go different ways and this game could have a completely different meaning to it. 
Winner: Chargers

Broncos at Raiders (Sunday 8:30pm)
So, the Broncos don't think the Raiders are that good, huh? Denver will be without Aqib Talib in this one. 
Winner: Raiders

Bills at Seahawks (Monday 8:30pm)
This one will be closer than you think.  Watch out Russell Wilson. 
Winner: Seahawks