Elorza statement on Presidential Election results

Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza released the following statement Wednesday on the results of the Presidential Election: 

After receiving the results of last night’s election, many of us are faced with a range of emotions and questions. Many of us worked tirelessly on local and national campaigns to advance an agenda that builds equity and opportunity for all Americans. Many of us were anticipating the results of the Presidential election to shatter a glass ceiling and bring Secretary Clinton into presidential office. While I am disappointed about last night's results, it has only reinforced my resolve to work collaboratively to put our city, our state and our country on the right path for all of our citizens.

These results, and the current state of our nation, present a new opportunity and responsibility for cities to play a much larger role in shaping our democracy. As the mayor of Providence, I commit to doubling down on my efforts to advance a society that is inclusive, compassionate, and forward-thinking. I take this responsibility seriously and will address the challenges we face head-on and hope that I can count on our City and the entire State of Rhode Island to do the same.

(release from City of Providence)