Red Sox Spring Training schedule announced

The Red Sox have released the team's 2017 Spring Training schedule.  Pitchers and catchers are scheduled to report to camp in Fort Myers, Florida on February 14th. 

Feb. 23 vs. Northeastern 
Feb. 24 vs. New York Mets 
Feb. 25 vs. Minnesota Twins 
Feb. 26 at Tampa Bay Rays 
Feb. 27 vs. St. Louis Cardinals 
Feb. 28 vs. New York Yankees (split squad) 
March 1 at Baltimore Orioles 
March 2 vs. Tampa Bay Rays 
March 3 at Atlanta Braves 
March 4 at Pittsburgh Pirates 
March 5 vs. Atlanta Braves 
March 6 at Houston Astros 
March 7 at Washington Nationals 
March 8 at New York Mets 
March 9 vs. Team USA 
March 10 vs. Baltimore Orioles 
March 11 vs. Tampa Bay Rays/at Minnesota Twins 
March 12 at Philadelphia Phillies 
March 13 at Toronto Blue Jays 
March 14 vs. Toronto Blue Jays 
March 15 at Tampa Bay Rays 
March 16 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates 
March 17 vs. Houston Astros (split squad) 
March 18 at Minnesota Twins 
March 19 vs. Minnesota Twins 

March 20 vs. Baltimore Orioles 
March 21 at New York Yankees 
March 23 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates 
March 24 at Toronto Blue Jays 
March 25 vs. Philadelphia Phillies/at Tampa Bay Rays 
March 26 at Minnesota Twins 
March 27 at Baltimore Orioles 
March 28 at Pittsburgh Pirates 
March 29 vs. Minnesota Twins 
March 30 vs. Washington Nationals