NFL Picks - Week 17

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Patriots at Dolphins (Sunday 1pm)
With a win, New England locks down the #1 seed in the AFC and erases the bitter taste of last season's regular season finale loss in Miami where they failed to lock down the #1 seed in the AFC. Dolphins could move up to #5 seed in the AFC with a win and a KC loss later in the day. 
Winner: Patriots

Jaguars at Colts (Sunday 1pm)
Auditions for 2017 on display in Indy. 
Winner: Colts

Ravens at Bengals (Sunday 1pm)
Two teams that didn't expect their season to end in this meaningless game. 
Winner: Bengals

Bears at Vikings (Sunday 1pm)
Do you remember when the Vikings were 5-0 and on their way to the playoffs? 
Winner: Vikings

Bills at Jets (Sunday 1pm)
The former Rex Ryan Bowl goes on without Rex Ryan, who has now been fired by both teams. 
Winner: Jets

Cowboys at Eagles (Sunday 1pm)
The Cowboys are just looking to get through this one healthy which should mean a second half full of QB Mark Sanchez and his return to Philly. 
Winner: Cowboys

Browns at Steelers (Sunday 1pm)
The Steelers are resting Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown and Le'Veon Bell. Pittsburgh should still win. 
Winner: Steelers

Panthers at Bucs (Sunday 1pm)
At least the Bucs, with a win, can feel good about 2016.  Nothing will do that for Carolina. 
Winner: Bucs

Texans at Titans (Sunday 1pm)
The battle of backups (Savage vs. Cassel) won't make Tennessee feel any better that they blew a playoff opportunity with the loss in Jacksonville last Sunday. 
Winner: Titans

Saints at Falcons (Sunday 4:25pm)
Can the Saints play spoilers again this week? Probably not since the #2 seed is on the line for Atlanta. 
Winner: Falcons

Raiders at Broncos (Sunday 4:25pm)
Matt McGloin takes over for Derek Carr as starting QB.  Oakland still needs to win to hold off KC as AFC West Champs and a first round bye. Broncos go from Super Bowl Champs to would be spoilers still trying to find a QB. 
Winner: Broncos

Cardinals at Rams (Sunday 4:25pm)
Avoid at all cost unless, for some reason, your fantasy football league plays 17 weeks. 
Winner: Rams

Chiefs at Chargers (Sunday 4:25pm)
KC is still alive and well looking to grab that AFC West Title.  Will need some help from Denver to do it though. 
Winner: Chiefs

Seahawks at 49ers (Sunday 4:25pm)
Who's still healthy in Seattle besides QB Russell Wilson? 
Winner: Seahawks

Giants at Redskins (Sunday 4:25pm)
Will the Giants rest or try to knock the Redskins completely out of the playoff hunt? With a win, it's in for Washington for the playoffs. Welcome to the postseason!
Winner: Redskins

Packers at Lions (Sunday 8:30pm)
Two teams going opposite directions the last month of the season. Winner wins the NFC North. 
Winner: Packers