Riverdale at The Time Capsule

Thanks to everyone who stopped by Friday at The Time Capsule in Cranston! Keep watching The CW Providence to see yourself on TV!  See the pics above and our Facebook LIVE video below. 

Don't forget to watch our Riverdale Saturday Special with episode 1 and 2 back-to-back starting at 8pm, presented by Lincoln Tech!

Here's your chance to be on TV with The CW Providence!

Do you like Riverdale, TV's hottest new show Thursday nights at 9pm? Well, if you do, here's your opportunity!

Be at THE TIME CAPSULE in Cranston on Friday at 1pm to tell us about your memories of the ARCHIE comics. The first 10 people who come to try to be in our promo will receive a TIME CAPSULE $25 gift card! 

Click here for more about The Time Capsule in Cranston and Seekonk. 

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