Elorza statement on Wednesday's Day Without a Woman demonstration

Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza released the following statement Monday preceding Wednesday's "Day Without A Woman" demonstration:

"I am proud to say that the top seven people in my cabinet are all women and they do an incredible job every day.

In Providence, we deeply value the contributions that women continue to make in our city. And, given the significant role women play in our municipal workforce, constituents may experience delays in the delivery of non-emergency city services on March 8th, as a result of the "Day Without a Woman" demonstration.

Although I understand the inconvenience that this may present for constituents, this effort seeks to emphasize the significant contributions of women in our workforce by highlighting the impact of their absence. They have a right to use their personal time to protest on March 8 and we will respect those who choose to participate."

(release from City of Providence)