Providence Public Library welcomes filmmaker Francesco Dragone to speak on food and filmmaking

PPL Welcomes Filmmaker Francesco Dragone to Speak on Food and Filmmaking
-- Providence Public Library will welcome documentary filmmaker Francesco Dragone as he showcases some of his latest works, as well as some excerpts from recent documentaries and podcasts about food, on Saturday, June 10 from 1 – 3 pm in the Library’s Meeting Room, 3rd Floor, 150 Empire Street, Providence. 
Francesco Dragone is an ethnographic filmmaker who has conducted extensive research across Africa, Asia and Europe through his documentaries and films. During his travels, the filmmaker would often end up talking about food as a way to overcome a language barrier or break the ice. Wonderful meetings took place in busy streets or sidewalk cafes while sipping a coffee or a tea. The “ritual” of taking a moment to stop in our busy lives to share a drink or a meal (while possibly discussing our tastes and our favorite recipe) is very common in every place we travel. This talk will unveil some of the most striking moments the documentarian has lived and — hopefully — spark a lively conversation.

The program is open and free as part of the Library's ongoing On the Table program series.

(release from Providence Public Library)