Cranston Public Library welcomes goats to the Central Library

Cranston Public Library Welcomes Goats to the Central Library 

On July 18, the Cranston Public Library welcome approximately 30 goats from Laurel Hill MicroFarm's Herd of Hope to the Central Library. 

The goats will bring their appetites and munch down the overgrown brush surrounding the upper parking lot.

“We were looking for an effective way of controlling plant growth on the land surrounding our parking lot,” explained Library Director, Edward Garcia. “Goatscaping was a fun and affordable option and we hope library visitors will enjoy the chance to watch these farm animals in action!” 

The herd will be at the Central Library beginning mid-day on July 18-July 19. Visitors can stop by or keep an eye out for social media posts and livestreams using #CPLGoatCam.

(release from Cranston Public Library)