WATCH: The Most Rhody Day Ever

Check this out from Matt Oliveira! He's a 25 year-old flight attendant from Lincoln.  You can watch him on YouTube at Molives Tv)!

Matt did a contest for his fans to enter & flew the winner from Atlanta,Georgia to Rhode Island to embark on an adventure he calls "The Most Rhody Day Ever!" 

They started in Narragansett, RI at Hazard Rock to watch the sunrise at 5:30am and went on to hit ALL of the Rhode Island staples IN ONE DAY including:

Allie's Donuts
Scooter around Block Island 
Champlin's for stuffies 
Iggy's for doughboys,clamcakes & chowda 
Use a plunger to catch Quahogs
Newport cliff walk
Dels vs Mr.Lemon taste test
New York System Hot wieners & coffee milk
Get a selfie with the Big Blue Bug
Eat sauce pizza at a PawSox game
Running into friends from high school

It's very Rhode Island and very cool.