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Friday, September 22nd's top stories: 

•    RUSSIA FACEBOOK ADS: Mark Zuckerberg has announced that Facebook will hand over 3,000 Russian-bought ads to Congressional Investigators.
•    HERNANDEZ CTE: The attorney of former football star Aaron Hernandez has said that Hernandez had the brain condition CTE and that his family is suing the NFL and New England Patriots because of it.
•    TEENAGE GOVERNOR: Due to the state’s lack of an age requirement, two teenagers are running to become the Governor of Kansas.
•    CRIME APP: A new app that displays crimes on a map and lets users post photos, is drawing criticism for potentially encouraging vigilante justice.
•    MONKEYS KILLING SHELLFISH: Using rocks as tools, a species of monkey found on islands off the coast of Thailand have learned to hunt shellfish.
     o    Mansfield, TX: A retired teacher who devoted her life to the school district is getting a new elementary school named after her.
     o    Statesville, NC: Brothers who are veterans of the Vietnam war are making an “honor flight” to Washington D.C. to visit the Vietnam                         Memorial for the first time.
     o    Memphis, TN: A middle school principal has taken in more than 50 at-risk foster youth since 2009.
•    DOG WEIGHT LOSS: A dog has become the inspiration for many people online after it dropped more than 60 pounds.
•    AIRBNB RESERVATIONS: Airbnb already allows users to find housing accommodations, but now, users in 16 cities will be able to book restaurant reservations as well.
•    BASEBALL’S “FRIENDS” FANS: A group of baseball players from South America have revealed how they learned to speak English…watching reruns of the TV show “Friends.”
•    BUGS ARE FOR GIRLS: When an 8-year-old girl was teased for loving bugs, the Entomological Society of Canada stepped in to help advocate for women in science.
•    PORSCHE SUPER YACHT: Following in the footsteps of Bugatti, Porsche is developing a series of luxury yachts. The cost? A cool $16 million.
•    TRANSPLANT BAN: A cancer patient is not getting a life-saving liver transplant because her sister, a perfect match, is being denied entry into the United States by immigration.
•    SNOW WHITE HOUSE FOR SALE: A Washington home designed to look like the cottage from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” is being put on the market.
•    NASA 100,000 TO BREATH: NASA is running a contest to find the best aerosol detection technology, the winning person or group will be awarded $100,000.
•    TRAVELER ID CHANGE: A new program, tested at Boston’s Logan Airport, would allow passengers on international flights to not show passports or documents, instead taking a Customs-checked picture before boarding.

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